Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

In many places the season seems to be hot and not so hot.

Here is one such place.

A desert in the middle east gets rain when the season changes. Dry wadis then flow with water.

Some places it does snow. Watch Treasures of the Snow (a Pashtun family drama about forgiveness).

Changing Seasons prompt.

full wadi, desert wadi,desert river


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Eid Mubarak!

sheep, sacrificed sheep, qurban, gurban, korban, eid sacrifice, sacrificial lambTwo sheep sacrificed for Eid.

Watch video in Urdu on Ibrahim’s sacrifice of his son as told in the Torah.

Also, you may want watch these movies based on writings from Injil:

Story of Isa in Dari

Story of Isa in Urdu

Story of Isa in Tajik